7 benefits of fingerprint door locks

Fingerprint door locks: the new future for security! If you’re looking to upgrade the security for your home and minimise the hassle that comes with keeping keys, it’s a great choice. Fingerprint door locks are locks that use biometric technology to scan your fingerprint to unlock the door. 
The new technology found in Fingerprint door locks by Blusafe is not just highly convenient, but also an extremely intelligent piece of technology. In this blog, we will be going over the 7 benefits of fingerprint door locks.

1. Maximum control over who enters your home

A fingerprint door lock has the benefit of being able to hold multiple fingerprints, so you can grant access to the whole family and friends if you wish. This is a great opportunity, not just for homeowners, but for office blocks as multiple staff can be granted easy access to the building. You can also open the door lock via your phone and grant individuals temporary access; for example, you could use the feature for cleaners. Maximum control over who enters your home has got to come first out of the 7 benefits of fingerprint door locks as it’s so convenient!

2. Unmatched security

The problem with door locks is that keys are easily replicated and they can be easily picked, even using basic tools. On the other hand, fingerprint door locks don’t have any keys and use your own unique fingerprint to grant access into the building. This offers a huge advantage as it gives you peace of mind.

3. You cannot tamper with these door locks

This is one of the most important factors in our blog ‘7 benefits of fingerprint door locks’. It is often assumed that a smart lock is easily tapped into and opened, however, this is not the case. Smart door locks by Blusafe use high-grade steel that is not easily broken into. All other materials in the lock are made from durable materials, meaning that the lock is extremely resistant and will last you a very long time.

4. The door automatically locks when it gets shut

Fingerprint door locks have a similar concept to hatch locks, except there’s no risk of leaving the key inside the building! This means that you do not need to go to the door to lock it from the inside every time someone leaves.

5. They look great and set off a great first impression

Fingerprint door locks have the ability to ‘wow’ people. In environments where a good first impression is needed, these locks have the ability to make your business look more established. This helps to build trust in environments that clients may be present in.

6. Speed

Everyone’s had that moment where they’re rushing for work in the morning and can’t find their key. It always seems to happen at the worst times! Having a fingerprint door lock is super speedy, to both get in and out of the building, saving you time- when you need time the most.

7. More economical

Did you know that our biometric locks are actually more economical? The initial purchase of a fingerprint door lock may seem expensive, however in the long run you could have the potential to actually save money. Biometric door locks have the ability to withstand any weather conditions, hot or freezing- without any rusting or requiring maintenance, not to mention you won’t be spending money on more keys!

Thank you for reading our blog ‘7 benefits of fingerprint door locks’. If you are looking for a fingerprint door lock and want a safe, hassle-free solution, shop Blusafe solutions today.

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