Are fingerprint door locks any good?

The new, in-trend item are fingerprint door locks (I bet you haven’t even heard of them yet!). During the global pandemic this year, people across the globe have decided to make improvements to their home. The frustration of having children who often lose or forget their keys has left parents looking for other options – we’ve all been in the position where we’ve had to leave our key under the mat for someone getting home before us. The problem with this is, especially if you live on a busy street; who’s to say someone else won’t find the key? In addition to this, if your home has been opened with a key, insurance may not cover the items that were stolen. 

The popularity of fingerprint door locks is gradually increasing. The demand for fingerprint door locks was recorded at 8.9 million units and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 21% from 2021 to 2028. This tech-savvy, cool appliance can be used for a home, rental, office or business. They stop you from spending time trying to find out where you left your keys and offer safety and security.

Fingerprint door locks come in different varieties for different types of door. Typically, there are options for an external door or an internal door. Not all external doors are the same however, newer uPVC or composite doors use multi-point locks in the UK and older wooden doors typically have a mortise lock with a rim latch. So bear this in mind when choosing a fingerprint door lock! When it comes to your Internal doors, these tend to use a standard latch so are a little more straightforward with installation and provide you with many benefits.

They have the ‘wow’ factor

If you are a business and want to impress clients, this really will set you apart from everybody else, make you more memorable and let them know that you are a forward-thinking company. Even if you are buying for your home it is a great piece of technology to have due to its versatility! You can add many different people to fingerprint door locks making them extremely quick, easy and efficient. Not only on entrance doors, but you can secure your home office or even just keep the kids out of the bedroom!

Multiple options give you more flexibility and less hassle

Going on a last-minute holiday and need to get the pet sitter round? There’s no need to organise! Set up your pet sitters or family members fingerprints so they are able to let themselves in, or simply share a temporary e-key via the app that expires when they leave. With the Wi-Fi capability, you can even just unlock the door from wherever if someone is at the door! You’ll have the ability to set up exciting moments last minute! It is also a great idea for people with disabled individuals who struggle with their mobility. With a fingerprint door lock, you can set it so that carers can come round as and when needed, everything can be managed from the app

Physical problems with keys

It is essential when owning a home that everyone in the household has a key. This is a common problem with deadbolt or rim door locks with no external handles. If you leave the house without the keys, you will accidentally lock yourself out meaning you have to phone a locksmith! Of course, there is also the problem with losing your keys too, meaning you will have to spend money buying a new one. In any case, it can be a real problem if you live on your own and only have 1 key. We’ve all looked for windows to climb through at least once!

With a fingerprint smart lock, you can manage access via the app, whether fingerprints, key fobs or temporary app access, meaning you will never be locked out again or have to worry about calling a locksmith!

Can they improve rentals for landlords?

Fingerprint smart locks have many benefits for landlords. Starting with shared/student accommodation, internal fingerprint door locks are great for bedroom doors, ensuring tenants can’t lose keys and still have keyless fire exits. Utilising external fingerprint smart locks also removes the key problem, as you can give tenants access via fingerprint, key fobs or via the app.

Fingerprint smart locks are also great for holiday lets, not only for the ease of managing access with cleaners/estate agents etc, but also for managing bookings remotely. Have the smart lock connected to Wi-Fi and be able to unlock the door from anywhere; There’s no need to go to the property! Share temporary access via the app with tenants for the duration of their stay, or use a key code pad and share a temporary code that expires after each guest leaves!

So are they really worth it?

The simple answer is yes! As long as you’re in the right place to buy it and you know where you want it, there’s no reason that getting fingerprint door locks wouldn’t benefit you. They’re just too cool to resist and offer great protection. Whether you’re a landlord, student, or business looking to bolster your security with a fingerprint door lock, get in touch with us at Blusafe Solutions and see how we can help you.

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