Blusafe Breeze

Internal Door Smart Security

Simple and Elegant

Blusafe Breeze provides aesthetically pleasing smart locking functionality, as well as both security and convenience for your internal doors.

Unlock the door via your fingerprint or use the backup key to ensure privacy is achieved across the whole house. Register up to 50 fingerprints!

Easy To Use

Breeze was designed to be simple but effective. It operates like any other handle from the inside of the room, but requires activation to be used from outside.

Installation is also simple and intended to be easy to install for a competent DIY’er.

For Your Home

Breeze can be used on any internal door to add extra security or privacy. 

Maybe you need to secure your office, or even just want to ensure your bedroom is private, either way Breeze is great to ensure children can only go where you want them to!

Styles and Colors

We designed Breeze in two different styles to suit all doors. Whether you are retro-fitting to an older door and want to cover up the holes from the previous handle, or fitting to a brand new door and looking for a modern circular design.

Both styles come in Chrome, Satin Chrome and Black colours!

For Your Rental

Breeze is great for rental properties with multiple-occupancy or student accommodation. 

Allow your tenants to have privacy in their own room, in the knowledge that they always have access via their fingerprint!

All handles come with backup keys so as a landlord you never have to worry!

Multiple Colors Available