Why You Need a Fingerprint Padlock For The Gym

Finally, after a long wait, the UK takes another step back to normal life. One of the most notable changes has to be the re-opening of gyms, of which so many people have been eagerly waiting to exercise off that Easter chocolate binge!

With the UK population re-entering gyms comes the necessity to securely store your belongings whilst working out. To do this, most gym-goers will have a padlock for their locker, however they do come with flaws. What do you do with the key for your padlock whilst working out?

What happens if you lose the key or forget the code for your lock? The code can be fiddly once you’re finished and trying to catch your breath!

Blusafe Mirage solves all of these problems with something you can’t lose. Our fingerprint padlocks are extremely easy and convenient to use that they can ensure you finish your gym session on a high! Simply touch your thumb or finger onto the lock and it will pop open. You can even register multiple fingers just in case.

The Mirage fingerprint padlock allows you to store up to 20 fingerprints, is IP-66 water-resistant, and has a battery life of at least 3 months, usually a lot longer! Make sure only you can open your locker moving forward, only you have your unique fingerprint.

So why not treat yourself to an electronic keyless padlock? After all, you deserve it for even getting back to the gym after all this time!

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