Why You Should Switch to an External Keyless Door Lock

Losing keys is a hassle nobody wants to deal with, and yet most of us end up doing so. Standard door locks are useful, but they don’t offer the same benefits that come with external keyless door locks. External keyless door locks are not only convenient but are also extremely safe for properties, working against theft and trespassing. These types of locks can come in different forms, from facial recognition to fingerprints and even mobile apps. All of which can be used to securely unlock your property’s external doors. 

The most popular type, ones you would’ve seen plenty of times, are combination locks. These are less technologically advanced but have the same purpose, safely locking a door without the need for keys. 

External keyless door locks have many advantages, and with Blusafe Solutions, it’s never been easier to make the switch from standard locks, with the introduction of Blusafe Origin Smart. 

Making the switch

If you’re fed up with keys and want to make external locking simpler, switching to external keyless door locks could be the right choice for you. Blusafe Solutions will make the process easy for everyone involved, replacing your old lock with our brand new Blusafe Origin Smart has never been easier. DIY videos are available on our website for the simple installation of your new external keyless door lock.

Making the switch isn’t a big feat and getting used to the new lock won’t take up your time. The systems are easy to follow and install, and you can save money instantly by removing the cost of replacing keys. External keyless door locks have advanced security measures compared to standard locks, allowing you to see exactly who has opened your front door and when. 

Convenience is the main reason many make the switch to external keyless door locks. Not only do they save you time and money, these locks offer maximum security for home and business owners. Gain more control over your locking system, and who enters your property, by investing in an external keyless door lock. 

Blusafe Origin Smart features

At Blusafe we are proud to announce our soon to arrive product ‘Blusafe Origin Smart’, our first external keyless door lock. 

We believe switching to an external keyless door lock will greatly benefit your day-to-day life, stopping you from fiddling around with keys. Blusafe Origin Smart goes truly keyless by using fingerprints, key-cards, a key code pad and a mobile phone app to unlock your external doors, the choice is yours! You can connect the lock to your Wi-fi, then manage and unlock the door from anywhere, as well as connect it to your smart home. Origin Smart communicates through voice command, making sure you know when the door is locked, unlocked and what to do. If you’re worried about battery life, don’t be! The batteries in Blusafe Origin only need replacing roughly every 6-12 months, depending on the frequency of use. Powered by 4 AA batteries, our external keyless door locking system is effortless to maintain, with low battery reminders and an emergency 9V battery power point. 

Similar to your standard door lock, Blusafe Origin Smart is waterproof and won’t be damaged or corroded by weather. This is due to our 7 layer plating process, providing exceptional resistance against weather conditions and preventing any water damage. 

Blusafe Origin Smart is the ideal choice when investing in an external keyless door lock. With advanced features and maximum safety, your property will be protected. Connected to your wifi hub, Blusafe Origin Smart will alert you of any activity by providing a full audit trail of who has used your system and when. Learn more about Blusafe Origin Smart on our website, or contact us with any questions. 

Blusafe Origin Smart, coming soon!

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